Darius Rucker on championship, concerts and that tattoo

UofSC alumnus set for free concert to celebrate Gamecock Women’s Basketball

Country music superstar and Gamecock alumnus Darius Rucker will host a free concert for students Sunday, April 24 to celebrate Gamecock Women’s Basketball’s second National Championship.

Doors open at 6 p.m. for the show, which will feature an opening act by rap artist Nelly. 

“It’s awesome to be that guy and be a part of that family at the university,” he said. “I feel like (the fans) feel. They expected me to play a show. I expected me to play a show, too. These girls have gone out and just played so well, so well and were so dominant. And it seems like I needed more, so I called Nelly and said, ‘How much to come play with me?’ And he was in. He was there.”

Read the full story, written by Megan Sexton, on the university website.

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