Event Questions

The alumni association formally celebrates Centurion alumni – those who are celebrating 50 years since graduation – at Homecoming with a medallion presentation. We encourage all alumni to celebrate with your classmates during our annual Homecoming activities. The dates and schedule are posted at uofscalumni.org/homecoming when they become available.

The alumni association utilizes EventBrite for all of our event ticketing needs, which gives you digital access to tickets within seconds. EventBrite charges a 3.5% + $1.59 fee for tickets purchased.

General Questions

You will need to contact the University Registrar.

We recommend using LinkedIn and using the filter option in the search function to filter by industry and college attended. Alumni are usually willing to help out a fellow Gamecock when asked! You can also connect to our University of South Carolina alumni LinkedIn group.

We encourage all alumni and supporters to log in to our website to get the best experience!

Did you log in and your alumni information is not there? Please let us know! Our Director of Data Administration spends time each day reviewing new logins and matching you up with your alumni profile.

Logging in to our website is based on your email address. If you sign up as a member using a certain email address, you’ll want to use that same address to sign in and access your benefits. This is true with event registrations, surveys, and more. Always try to use the same email address so that you can have the best user experience.

Did you log in and find the wrong information? In this case, we likely misattributed your email address to a different person (most often in your family, like a spouse or parent). Simply contact us and we will be glad to fix the issue right away.

There are dozens of ways to take action on our website from signing up to volunteergetting involved with your local club, or advocating for South Carolina. We hope that our website provides an engaging and modern experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Membership Questions

You may add on a second member for a great price on any alumni membership (Life or Recurring).

For example, an individual one year membership is $55, but a dual membership is $65. That’s only $10 for an entire membership! Please see our membership sign up page for complete dual member options.

There are no restrictions on who can be your dual member. This can be your spouse, partner, child, or even a friend.

That said, dual member packages, materials, and renewal notices will be mailed to the same address as the individual who signed up. Due to database limitations, we do not send dual member mail to separate households.

All graduates of the University of South Carolina and members of the Alumni Association have an ID number. Even non-alumni members will get an ID number upon joining the Alumni Association or making a donation to a USC fund.

While the terminology for this ID number has changed over the years such as AAID or Member ID, the ID numbers themselves have stayed the same. Alumni IDs are 10-digit numbers with leading zeros that look like “0000012345”.

To find your alumni/member ID number:

1) Locate the ID number on the front of your Alumni Association membership card. It will read AAID: 000012345

2) Sign in to this website, click on your profile in the top-right corner, and locate the ID number at the top of your profile.

3) Contact the Alumni Association at connect@uofscalumni.org and ask for us to provide your ID number.

Your ID number is necessary to vote in elections, access certain benefits, and prove your membership status. If you need a replacement membership card, please contact us at connect@uofscalumni.org for assistance.

Student Questions

Several scholarship opportunities are available through the alumni association, including the Richard T. Greener Scholarship offered by the Black Alumni Council, the legacy scholarship and the alumni scholarship. Visit our scholarship page for more information by clicking here.