Student Alumni Association

Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is proud to connect students alumni to advance their careers, their passions, and their University of South Carolina.

Four Decades of Tradition

Garnet Circle exists to foster relationships between the University of South Carolina students and members of the Alumni Association. Members of Garnet Circle value all of South Carolina’s rich traditions and strive to continue them each year.


Not only does Garnet Circle uphold valued traditions, but they also create new traditions on campus. By putting on events for both students and alumni, Garnet Circle helps build relationships among generations of Gamecocks and keeps UofSC traditions alive.

Garnet Circle governs the Student Alumni Association (SAA). SAA serves to build leadership through Garnet Circle, engage students through dynamic events, and prepare our graduates for their careers. SAA strives to serve as a community for all students who walk through our gates.

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Mission and Vision


Garnet Circle strives to connect students with alumni, build a stronger campus community, prepare students for their careers and develop the next generation of leaders.

We envision a University where there is a strong and consistent thread between a student’s first day at orientation through their final days on campus.

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Morgan Jones


Lucy Cassels

VP of Internal Relations

Elissia Cofresi-Horlback

VP of Marketing and Recruitment

Kate Stinson

VP of Traditions

Ashlynn Roddy

John Bosler

Taniya Harris

Alyssa Morgan

Gracie-Jane Hillman

Brennan Cavaliero

Jessica Helton

Melanie Migliorato