Leave your legacy at your alma mater permanently with a personalized brick on the historic Horseshoe!

Legacy means so much at South Carolina. Make your mark on your campus by getting your personalized brick that will be placed on the Historic Horseshoe, right next to the bricks that have led so many down the path to a brighter future for centuries. Purchasing an official Horseshoe brick supports the Alumni Association’s efforts to restore walkways on the Historic Horseshoe. Make an impact today by becoming a member and getting your Horseshoe brick! Space is limited, so act fast to secure your spot.


Brick Details

Bricks are typically laid twice per year in summer and winter. 

The Alumni Association does not install bricks outside of those time windows except for special circumstances.

Please contact the Alumni Association if you would like to request your brick to be laid at a different time. Due to space restrictions, we cannot guarantee that special requests will be honored.

Finding My Brick

Want to find your brick but don’t know where to start? For the first time, all bricks are now available in an online search tool where you can find an image, location and example inscription of your brick on the Historic Horseshoe.

Our Horseshoe Brick Search Tool has entered beta testing as of July 2020.

Discounts and Promotions

New Graduate Life

Each semester, the Alumni Association offers graduating students a significant discount off a Life Membership and personalized brick. By joining the Alumni Association as a Life Member during this special time, you can leave your graduate’s legacy on the Historic Horseshoe with an included personalized Horseshoe Brick for $500. That is a $750 savings for a limited time only!

Annual and Life Member Brick Discount

The regular price of a brick is $350. Life Members can purchase a brick for $200 ($150 discount!) and Annual Members can purchase a brick for $250 ($100 discount). Student Alumni Association members are not eligible to receive a discount on their brick.