UofSC Mentorship Hub Match

The Mentorship Hub Match program’s purpose is to provide students with support in the form of one-on-one guidance, advice, and insight from an alumni mentor who has been in their shoes. 

  • Role of the Mentee: Receive guidance and advice from a mentor to assist in career development, goals setting, and career-related decision making.
  • Role of the Mentor: Provide insight and guidance for the mentee based on personal experience in career and academic pursuits.

Mentorship Hub Profile

Create your free UofSC Mentorship Hub account to serve as a mentor for recent graduates and current students. You can even find a mentor for yourself. With functionality similar to LinkedIn, this platform is just for Gamecocks.

Overview of the Program:

  • What is Mentorship? Mentorship is a process in which an experienced individual helps another person develop his/her goals and skills through on-going, supportive one-on-one conversations and learning exercises.
  • Our Mission: To assist students who are approaching graduation to make a successful and informed transition from university into the work world, preferably in their field of interest. 

Program Structure/Expectations: 

  • Timeline 
    • Application Window:
      • Mentors: September 1-15, 2022
      • Mentees: September 16-27, 2022
    • Mentee Favoriting Period: September 16 – 27, 2022
    • Match Day: October 1, 2022 
    • Program Begins: October 1, 2022
    • Program Ends: October 29, 2022
    • Program Survey Sends to Mentors & Mentees: October 31, 2022

Weekly Themes

Week 1 (October 1-8, 2022): Get to Know You

Week 2 (October 9-15, 2022): Transferable Skills – Student Involvement & Alumni Involvement

Week 3 (October 16-22, 2022): Career Path & Professional Development

Week 4 (October 23-29, 2022): Future Goals & Planning

Clarifying Expectations

What are the mentor & mentee roles?


  • To discuss their needs and expectations with their mentor and think about what they want out of the relationship prior to the meeting
  • Put time into preparing to talk with their mentor
  • Be receptive to suggestion and feedback
  • Contact their mentor if they are unable to participate in scheduled meetings in a timely manner
  • Realize that having a mentor is a privilege, understand the mentor is busy with their life as well and work hard to take advantage of the opportunity
  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times


  • Recognize the apprehension mentees may have with working with a mentor, especially if this is their first time speaking with an alum
  • Listen to the needs and expectations of your mentee
  • Provide honest feedback and advice relating to their experiences to support the success of the mentee’s career development
  • Work with the mentee to help him/her develop and establish realistic and obtainable goals
  • Offer suggestions and feedback
  • Be committed to serve as a resource to their mentee
  • Follow up on commitments made to their mentee


  • Respect confidences and trust each other
  • Discover common ground and respect each other’s differences
  • Be yourself and be flexible
  • Be a good listener