UofSC Alumni Association Brand

The staff here at your Alumni Association is proud to release our first comprehensive brand strategy and visual identity refresh in decades. The Association’s new strategy is consistent with the University of South Carolina Master Brand that was released in 2019. It elevates the Alumni Association and the collective voice of Gamecocks everywhere as we seek to connect students and alumni to advance their careers, their passions and their University of South Carolina.

The new UofSC Alumni logo

Above: UofSC Alumni Primary Logo


Why move away from My Carolina?

My Carolina was a tagline from around 2006 that became the name of the Association. Technically, the name of the Association has always been the “Greater University of South Carolina Alumni Association.” We’re moving forward boldly by connecting ourselves back to who we are and who we represent.

Above: The My Carolina Alumni Association logo


My Carolina does not clearly reflect who we are and has led to confusion among graduates. The Association is home for all alumni and Gamecocks, and our name should reflect this notion.


One of our goals as an Association is to build the brand of the University, but that was hard to do with such an independent brand. A visual identity and naming structure that compliments the UofSC master brand will allow us to accomplish this goal.


Believe it or not, the Association has more than 50 sub brands! The brand must work well whether it is being used for Black Alumni Council or the Charlotte Gamecocks. It was essential to establish a visual identity that is flexible, timeless and efficiently interlocking across all these groups.

It’s still your Carolina!

Based on research and industry standards, replacing My Carolina with UofSC Alumni Association gives us a greater opportunity to say who we are, what we do and who we serve. My Carolina is an internal expression of what the University of South Carolina means to you, and whatever your Carolina experience, that will never change.

Secondary Mark with Forever To Thee under the bold word ALUMNI

Above: UofSC Alumni “Forever to Thee” Mark

How will we be known?

Formal: University of South Carolina Alumni Association

Primary: UofSC Alumni Association

Short: UofSC Alumni (social and logo) and “Alumni Association” or “Association” after the initial formal or primary mentions.

Above: Our primary colors will always be Garnet and Black

What is in the brand?

  • New naming structure.
  • New visual identity.
  • New website url – uofscalumni.org
  • Updated social media icons with a new handle family @UofSCAlumni.
  • A robust messaging strategy that aligns our attributes (what we offer) and our benefits (why it matters).
  • A refreshed membership program that focuses on these attributes and benefits.
  • A new merchandising and brand asset distribution strategy.

What else is changing?

All clubs, affinity groups (Young Alumni Council, Black Alumni Council and Veterans Alumni Council) and student programs will mirror the new brand strategy with updated logos and naming structures. Our membership program will also have new gear and packages. Life Members will be sent new cards and decals as a thank you in 2020.

Above: Charlotte Gamecocks Logo Examples

What is the impact?

In addition to creating a greater sense of consistency within the Alumni Association and its sub brands, the new visual identity brings us in line with the established University of South Carolina identity. This connects us more directly with UofSC, thus creating a greater sense of connection that allows us to draw on the strength of what it means to be a Gamecock.

Check back soon for exclusive alumni merchandise that we know will make you proud to be a Gamecock!

If you have any feedback for our team, please contact us at connect@uofscalumni.org – Thank you for your support.

Student for a short time.

Gamecock for a lifetime.


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