From Soda City to the Big Apple

Tyler Stephenson graduated a semester early in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in public relations. She has since moved to the big apple to work as a Media Relations Associate at Policygenius Inc. 

Stephenson gave helpful advice to those graduating from the journalism school and the University of South Carolina. 

“For life advice, learn how to manage your finances,” Stephenson said. “In college, they don’t teach you how to do that and I didn’t think about it until I had to start paying for rent, utilities and everything else. It was a harsh reality. I thought I had little money all the time, especially in an expensive city.”

From the hustle and bustle of the city, it is easy to get anxious about work, but it’s critical to know the skills needed to be successful in your career. Stevenson reads the news every morning. She suggests those in the communication field read, The Morning Brew and The Skim. Both are great daily news sources that are free and offer valuable articles.

When asked about the balance between work, social life and mental health, Stephenson provided insight into burnout.

“Know your boundaries, and know your worth. When I first started out I felt like I had to put in a lot of work to climb my way up,” Stevenson said. “That’s partly true but if you’re overworking then you are going to burn out. One thing you can do is to take your lunch away from your desk. Don’t be afraid to take your lunch and your break because at the end of the day, to keep a healthy balance, you have to take care of yourself.” 

Besides working, Stephenson shed light on her social life and making friends postgrad. 

“Making friends postgrad is definitely hard, but don’t be afraid to go to a workout class by yourself, ” Stevenson said. “I also know a lot of success stories from Bumble BFF, it’s super popular in big cities.”

Living in New York City is an environmental change for many people graduating from UofSC, but remember there will also be a Gamecock around the corner. 

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