Alumna’s passion for storytelling leads to prestigious fellowship

Taylor Jennings-Brown, 2021 mass communication and South Carolina Honors College graduate

Taylor Jennings-Brown is a 2021 mass communications and South Carolina Honors College graduate and has landed a coveted Kroc Fellowship with NPR.

As a child, Jennings-Brown would listen to NPR’s podcast with her father and discuss social and political issues.

During her senior year, Jennings-Brown took Laura Smith’s Podcasting in the Public Interest course, where she found her passion for audio storytelling.

“It’s like you’re transported to a place, or you become the story,” Jennings-Brown says. “It’s a different experience than just reading. Good writing is supposed to do the same thing. But I feel like audio does it in a way that no other form of media can.” 

Jennings-Brown thanks her father for exposing her to NPR.

Read the full story, written by Parker Blackburn, on the university website.

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