Why not? What if?

Young adult novelist and school librarian turns the page on its head

Shanna Miles is a 2004 graduate of the College of Information and Communications. She recently published her debut novel For All Time with Simon & Schuster.

“I didn’t start thinking about writing a book until I was like 30,” says Miles. “I wasn’t someone always trying to get into the game. But when I was reading so many books in preparation for becoming a librarian I thought, ‘You know, I have my own ideas, stories that are hidden in my head. I could probably do this.’”

Miles’ novel explores race and gender, with influences from Toni Morrison, Alice Walker and Charlene Harris.

“People have made their careers writing romance for young adults and that just has not been the case for kids of color,” she said. “There was an opportunity there to highlight our ability to love through all circumstances.”

Read the full story, written by Craig Brandhorst, on the university website.

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