Say “Yes” More

Reilly Biller, ’21 broadcast journalism graduate

Reilly Biller ’21 works for CBS as a Sports Streaming Service Specialist and advises new grads to say “yes” to more.

Reilly Biller is a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina who works for CBS as a Sports Streaming Service Specialists. 

After graduation, many students decide to live in other cities. Leaving your college friends is hard after seeing them most days and living close by, but Biller advises graduates to be open to everything and have a positive mindset. 

“Say “yes” more to people you do not really know,” Biller said. “It’s important to feel comfortable going alone, be approachable, and be able to go talk to other people and have a conversation. It’s definitely easier said than done but you have nothing to lose.” 

As a recent graduate, Reilly understands what recent grads experience and how they will feel during job interviews and starting their jobs.

“If you go in there every day and are willing to learn and work hard, it will be OK,” Biller said. “If your employers sees that then you will be just fine.”

Learning new skills can benefit all students who are about to graduate. Knowing social media management, learning different software programs, or having a unique skill will allow anyone graduating from the University of South Carolina to get ahead of other candidates.

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