Volunteer Spotlight: Nika C. White

“South Carolina gave me a great foundation. I worked in my career in which I majored for about 15 years and still use those skills sets as an entrepreneur. South Carolina is where I met some of my closest friends, where I gained invaluable leadership experience and where I grew into an adult with vision, passion and purpose.”


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Volunteer Spotlight: Chinell Singletary

“I’ve always had a passion for helping students and advising is one of the most rewarding careers in higher education, so this opportunity fell into my lap.  Advising and counseling go hand in hand, and I love watching my students grow from freshman year to senior year. Being their advocate is amazing.”


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Volunteer Spotlight: Eureka Robertson

“UofSC is a large university with many programs, groups, options and networking opportunities for any student, graduate or member of the South Carolina community to find an individual niche; a place to call home.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Randy Grimes

“The education that I received at UofSC along with the skills and training had a major impact on what I do now.  Being actively involved in several organizations during my tenure at South Carolina laid the foundation for who I am and for what I do today.”

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Volunteer Spotlight: Natasha Anderson

“I’ve always felt a sense of home when it comes to South Carolina, as both a student and alumna.  Even when my family moved out of state briefly, we still found ways to be involved in the UofSC family in order to not lose relationships. When we found out we were returning to South Carolina, I  wanted to make sure I stayed involved and not take being home for granted again, which influenced me to apply to be a member of the Black Alumni Council.”

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Creating a Gamecock Home 700 Miles Away

Being a Gamecock is still part of the identity of Anne Rusinak ’10. Rusinak is the chair of the UofSC Alumni Association’s New York City club and has taken her passion for her alma mater to cultivate a strong Gamecock presence in the city.

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