Member Spotlight: Melissa Felder

Felder graduated from the university in 2005 with a bachelor of science in nursing and in 2017 with a master of science in nursing. Currently, she is pursuing a doctor of nursing.

Felder recounts that her experiences as a student propelled her intellectual strength, tenacity, stamina and discipline. “All this benefits me academically, professionally and personally,” she says.

Since coming to UofSC in 2003, Felder has made countless memorable experiences but there is one experience she will never forget.

“One of my favorite experiences was when I traveled to Central America for a mission trip in graduate school,” she says. “This was such a positive experience because serving overseas in a culture much different from my own reminded me to always acknowledge the richness of cultural diversity. It also promoted cross-cultural adaptation, changed my perspective about life in a positive way and further ignited my passion for helping others.”

Now as a proud My Carolina Life Member, Melissa stays engaged in the Carolina community and says, “a membership in My Carolina is the best way to maintain a tie with the one place that gives me a deep sense of pride. I’m part of a global educational community that shares my love for Carolina.”

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