Ken Baldwin: A tribute

Kenneth W. Baldwin Jr., one of the most dedicated benefactors of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, died Monday, June 13, at the age of 96.

Baldwin, a 1949 graduate of the university, donated more than $3 million to the program to support the Baldwin Initiative that funds research, symposia, guest lectures, visiting professors and other related programs to advance the study of business and financial journalism.

“We will continue to build upon the Baldwin Initiative to place even more emphasis on this area,” said Tom Reichert, dean of the College of Information and Communications. “This will include teaching business fundamentals for all media and communications students. As Ken always said, ‘We need more people who can follow the dollar.’ His gifts to the school have done that — and will continue to do so. That is Ken’s legacy.”

Read the full tribute on the College of Information and Communications website.

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