Alumna appointed nursing director of Women’s and Children’s Services at Prisma

Prisma Health Children’s Hospital

Kelly Melton, a two-time UofSC nursing graduate, has been appointed Director of Nursing for Women’s and Children’s Services at Prisma Health Richland Hospital and Prisma Health Children’s Hospital in the Midlands.

“This is an important milestone, as it is the first time the Director of Nursing position for these two service lines has been appointed to the same individual,” Prisma Health said.

Melton says nursing was “her calling,” and she loves caring for other women in her job.

“As I cross-trained throughout the Women’s world, there is just something very holistic and grounding about caring for women,” she said. “The miracle of birth never gets old, and being able to experience that with someone is emotional, and life changing—every time.”

Read the full Q&A on the College of Nursing website.

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