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Biochemistry major parlays lab skills into a job

Ismael Delgado, December 2021 chemistry graduate

From joining multiple clubs to learning new things and studying abroad during the pandemic, December 2021 graduate Ismael Delgado made the most out of his time at South Carolina.

Delgado began his collegiate career in Virginia and transferred to South Carolina after his first semester. He was interested in research and learned basic lab procedures and polymerase chain reaction testing in Dr. Phil Buckhaults’ pharmacy lab.

In addition to his research, Delgado joined multiple clubs, like Snaps (a music appreciation club) and the American Institute for Chemical Engineers.

In 2020, Delgado studied abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea.

“One of the most memorable experiences was being able to get out of the city and participate in a temple stay for the weekend to explore the countryside and beautiful mountain ranges,” he says. “I also was able to gain a new perspective on the pandemic by living in a different country for two months.”

Delgado’s laboratory skills landed him a role in the campus COVID testing facility. He will continue to be a COVID tester in the lab after graduation.

Read the full story, written by Chris Horn, on the university website.

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