Innovative treatments overcome antibiotic resistance

Pharmacy alumni work with pediatric infectious disease physician to battle bacterial diseases

Robert Daniels, ’05 and Andrew Gainey, ’11, two College of Pharmacy alumni, have partnered with Anna-Kathryn Burch, M.D. ’02, to help patients who are resistant to antibiotics that would traditionally be used in their treatment.

The team has successfully treated two patients and is currently treating a third.

“We are one of the few pediatric institutions in the U.S. that has this much experience with phage therapy according to published literature,” Burch says. “To our knowledge, no one else in South Carolina nor in the Southeast is doing this type of treatment in the pediatric population. We want to let other practitioners know we have this capability so their patients can be referred for phage therapy if no other options for treatment of the resistant bacteria are available.”

Read the full story, written by Margaret Gregory, on the College of Pharmacy website.

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