Global warming and the ocean

UofSC-trained scientists look at global warming impact on marine ecosystems

Two scientists who earned their Ph.D.s from South Carolina are gathering data on marine problems linked to global warming and the resulting increase in salinity and temperature of the oceans, which adversely affect coral reefs and could worsen other aspects of marine ecosystems.

Michelle Gierach, who earned her Ph.D. in marine science in 2009, is a scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She focuses on using satellite and airborne sensors to gather biophysical ocean data. This technology allows scientists to gather sophisticated data sets that offer a holistic understanding of the health of aquatic ecosystems, such as coral reefs.

Ebenezer Nyadjro earned his Ph.D. in marine science in 2012. As associate professor of research for the NOAA Northern Gulf Institute at Mississippi State University, his focus is ocean salinity. Climate change affects the saltiness of the ocean, which could affect marine fisheries, plastic pollution and ocean circulation.

Read the full story, written by Chris Horn, on the university website.

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