‘Good Morning America,’ Gamecock edition

Journalism graduates put the network in television

From left to right: Sarah Messer ’06, Eva Pilgrim ’04 and Kenneth Moton ’04

Three South Carolina journalism graduates hosted a “Rise and Shine” episode of GMA Tuesday, Mar. 15, broadcast live from the Colonial Life Arena.

Sarah Messer graduated in 2006 with a degree in broadcast journalism.

“I did not have a normal college experience,” Messer says with a laugh. “I worked from 8 or 8:30 until the 6 o’clock news was over almost every Saturday and Sunday of my college career. And then during the week I helped produce [longtime WIS anchor] Judi Gatson. I was addicted to news.”

Eva Pilgrim and Kenneth Moton are 2004 broadcast journalism graduates who frequently worked together during their senior semester of the program.

In an industry that can grind down its talent, that level of support from friends in the same line of work is important, says Moton, whose own itinerary can prove just as hectic. It’s one more reason to stay in touch.

Read the full story, written by Craig Brandhorst, on the university website.

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