MACC alumnus begins career as Atlanta staff auditor

Gabriel Christian, ’19 accounting, ’20 MACC

Two-time Moore School graduate Gabriel Christian is beginning his career as staff auditor for Cherry Bekaert LLP in Atlanta.

In his role, Christian works on several different accounting projects.

“I follow audit programs to perform testing over different financial statement accounts,” he said. “I also draft questions or emails to send to clients regarding different transactions or request additional information that we need for testing.”

Christian chose the Moore School’s accelerated accounting program to receive his Master of Accountancy.

“I would recommend the accelerated program because it helps prepare you for graduate school before you finish your undergraduate degree,” he said. “You get exposed to the different responsibilities and workload of graduate school, which helps you build confidence in your ability to complete the master’s program. Also, you have the ability to lighten your course load depending on how many classes you knock out in advance.”

Read the full story, written by James Culbertson, on the Darla Moore School of Business website.

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