Burn recovery inspires medical career for public health graduate

At the age of 13, Gabriela Carrara suffered second- and third-degree burns from a cooking accident. The health care she received as a patient inspired the May 2022 public health graduate to pursue a career in medicine.

“I’ve always been interested in insurance, how doctor’s offices work and are managed, and the administrative side that we don’t get to see as much, so public health seemed like the best route,” Carrara says. “I’ve gotten a completely new perspective into medicine and healthcare and still was able to have the flexibility I needed to complete my pre-med requirements and fulfill my STEM interests.”

Carrara will complete a Master of Biomedical Science at Duke University before returning to South Carolina to attend the UofSC School of Medicine – Greenville.

Read the full story, written by Erin Bluvas, on the Arnold School of Public Health website.

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