From Google to entrepreneurship

Jasmine Williams, public health graduate

Since graduating with a public health degree, Jasmine Williams has transformed her career to marketing and sales for Google and her own company.

Williams believes internships are critical for any major due to connections. 

“A piece of advice I would give to any student at UofSC would be to get an internship that will give you experience,” Williams said. “This should not be optional for you. When you do get the internship, don’t blow it off and just show up. Work hard and network in hopes to get a full-time job or referrals. This will take you a long way.”

Connections are an important part of everyone’s life after graduation. Those connections can always help you get a job or put you in contact with someone who can help find your dream job or mentor you. Williams advises all public health majors to stay connected with their professors. Ask them questions they might have like different career opportunities with the major, types of jobs they had, and the pro and cons of working in public health. 

Working full time and owning your own business can become stressful, but Williams makes sure she spreads her time out for what’s most important and to prevent burnout.

“I utilize block schedules. The first part of my day goes to my job, then I try my best to have a few hours for family, prayer, reading my bible, friends and the occasional binge-watching TV shows. Life loses its value when we only give our time over to our jobs,” Williams said. “I take breaks when necessary and reward myself from time to time. Whether it’s a nice meal or a nice trip. The reward, big or small, keeps me motivated to keep going.”

Since owning her own business, Williams emphasizes again how valuable connections are, whether they are on LinkedIn or in person. “Remember, you can never have too many experiences and connections.”

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