CEC alum’s start-up company plans to prevent elderly falls and improve lives through intelligent infrastructure

Benjamin Davis, ’13, Ph.D. ’16

As founder and CEO of ASSET, LLC, Benjamin Davis, ’13, Ph.D. ’16 is combining his innovative nature and love of research to improve the lives of others.

Davis created ASSET after six years of research into the automatic detection of human falls through user-independent, smart homes. Davis filed a provisional patent in 2016, and the non-provisional was granted in 2020.

“We’re using the vibration technology to locate and detect falls and are measuring gait in clinics using the same core technology, with the goal of predicting oncoming falls,” he said.

Davis has received several grants, including $1.7 million from the National Institute of Aging for his research of the Small Business Technology Transfer program.

Read the full story, written by Chris Woodley, on the College of Engineering and Computing website.

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