Bread of the South

UofSC alumna Carrie Morey is building a biscuit empire, one Hot Little Biscuit at a time

Carrie Morey, College of Education graduate

Alumna Carrie Morey is the founder of Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, which started as a part-time gig from her kitchen to an array of eateries, grocery store business and television show, How She Rolls.

“I wanted to create a business around my priority, which is my children, and I knew that I wanted it to be about my passion, which is food. But I knew that owning a restaurant wasn’t going to be conducive to raising children,” Morey says. “So, I was trying to figure out, ‘OK, how do I stay in the food world but not own a restaurant?’”

The company’s name comes from her mother, Callie.

“I hope these biscuits evoke comfort and maybe memories of childhood or family heirloom traditions,” Morey says. “Biscuits are the bread of the South, but I have found that biscuits aren’t just for Southerners.”

Read the full story, written by Megan Sexton, on the university website.

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