Alumna’s mentorship journey comes full circle

Carianne Chapman, 2015 language and literacy graduate

A decade ago, Carianne Chapman ’15 walked into Irmo Elementary to meet her mentor. Now, the College of Education graduate works right down the hall from her.

Morgan Rohrbaugh, Chapman’s mentor, “had such a peace about her classroom.”

“She created a family environment, which is what I strive to do in my classroom now—modeled after how she did with our students when I was an intern,” Chapman said.

Chapman now serves as a mentor to Hannah Guess, a current UofSC elementary education student.

“I was so impressed,” said Guess. “I felt like I was soaking in so much, because the way she teaches is so much in line with the way we learn how to teach. Her methodology was straight out of my classes, and I saw how it applied to the classroom directly. She brought my paper learning into real life.”

Chapman master’s degree “solidified her values of being a teacher.”

Read the full story, written by Anna Westbury Francis, on the College of Education website.

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