A UofSC Love Story

Four years ago, on the first day of class freshman year, Katherine Murrell (Kate) and Samuel Bauknight (Witt) embarked on a journey together that would lead them to true love. After a nervous first day of classes, Witt and Kate found themselves shag dancing the night away at a former local spot, Jillian’s. Witt loves to dance and even took three dance classes during his time at UofSC. During those cold fall months in their first semester, Kate and Witt would meet on the Horseshoe and spend time on a bench getting to know each other. Their residence halls were spread out across campus, so naturally, the heart of campus became their favorite meet up spot during those early days.

Four years later, the Horseshoe continued to play a major role in their relationship. Near the end of the fall 2018 semester, Kate and Witt were enjoying dinner in The Vista when Witt asked Kate to walk up to the Horseshoe with him. Witt explained that his mother had purchased them two personalized bricks on the Horseshoe for their upcoming graduation in May and he wanted to find them. 

After making a few laps around the Horseshoe, Kate stumbled upon a brick in front of Lieber College that read, “Kate, Marry me? Witt.” When she turned around, Witt was on one knee and formally proposed to her.  Kate gave an unequivocal “Yes!” and the two shared a special moment on the same Horseshoe where they had fallen in love all those years earlier. As  multi-generational alumni and passionate Gamecocks, their “Forever to thee” moment did not stop at the proposal. As upcoming graduates, Witt and Kate will stay connected to the campus that brought them together while leaving a lasting legacy on the place where they fell in love.

From humble beginnings on that Horseshoe bench to so much more to come, the staff at My Carolina would like to wish Kate and Witt a lifetime of love and happiness. Forever to thee!

Commemorate a milestone for that special someone with a personalized brick on the Historic Horseshoe.  Find out more information here.

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