Thomas Cooper Library Access

Connect with campus like your college days! Members get exclusive online access and borrowing privileges.

Located in the heart of campus, the Thomas Cooper Library is a place where you undoubtedly spent many late nights studying and having fun during your time as an undergraduate at South Carolina. Now, as alumni, Association Members can still get access to University Libraries in several ways!

To set up your University of South Carolina Alumni library account, please follow the instructions below:

Contact the Circulation Department. You may do this in person by coming to the library at 1300 Greene Street, Columbia, SC 29208, or you may contact us via email ( or telephone (803-777-3145).

We’ll need the following information to set up your account.

o    Full name

o    Contact information (phone, email)

o    Mailing Address

o    Expiration Date of your Alumni account (if applicable, this should be on your Alumni card).

Verifying your Alumni account can take up to 2-3 business days, after which you’ll be contacted and given your membership login information. This will allow you to request and check out materials.

Access Library Resources

Academic Search — Alumni Edition

Business Source — Alumni Edition